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Nerve, in anatomy, a glistening white cordlike bundle of fibres, surrounded by a sheath, that connects the nervous system with other parts of the body. What is a nerve? A nerve is a bundle of fibers composed of neurons that uses electrical and chemical signals to transmit sensory and motor. Cranial nerves and spinal nerves ยท Nerves that directly connect the brain and the brain stem with the eyes, ears, nose, and throat and with various parts of the. Currently, a scientific debate is ongoing about modeling nerve impulse propagation. One of the models discussed is the celebrated Hodgkin-Huxley. It does this via the spinal cord, which runs from the brain down through the back. It contains threadlike nerves that branch out to every organ and body part. 1. The peripheral nervous system refers to parts of the nervous system outside the brain and spinal cord. It includes the cranial nerves. To do all these things, cells in nervous tissue need to be able to communicate with each other by way of electrical nerve impulses. The cells in nervous tissue. The nervous system is the major controlling, regulatory, and communicating system in the body. It is the center of all mental activity including thought. What is the CNS? Brain; Spinal cord; White and gray matter; Central glial cells; Cranial nerves; CNS diseases. The central. A nerve cell (neuron) showing axon and dendrites. The basic unit of communication in the nervous system is the nerve cell (neuron). Each nerve cell consists of.


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